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Why Blue Fox Health?

Blue Fox Health is a registered NDIS service Provider, having delievered Allied Health Services accross the Nation Since 2022. We are a small provider and only engage with staff with extensive Speech Pathology experience.

If you’re open to telehealth, you can select the practitioner that is best suited to your needs. All whilst accessing therapy from home and with out travel fees.

Lets Get You Booked In With A Speech Pathologist In Less Than A Week!

  1. Complete Referral Form (use this link)
  2. We will reach out within 24 Hours, to discuss your needs and which therapist might be the best fit for your goals.
  3. We organise a Service Agreement. This is NDIS best practice and ensures complete transparency on policy and fees.
  4. When the agreement is signed, we can have you booked in (usually about 1 week).

So Telehealth... How Does It Work?

Telehealth Speech Pathology sessions work very similar to in person consultations. Online Therapy has shown to be beneficial for those experiencing Speech, Language, Literacy and social skills deficiencies.

When you schedule a telehealth session, a link will be sent via email to your nominated address. You simply click on the link at your appointment time and your Cliniko telehealth screen will pop up. Telehealth can be accessed from your computer, or phone. You will need a running internet connection.

You will see the therapist on the other end, you can share notes and talk much the same as you would in-person.

How Can A Speech Pathologist Help?

Here are a few areas we specialize in


A stutter is a speech disorder characterized by involuntary disruptions or repetitions of sounds, syllables, or words, affecting the fluency of communication.

Intelectual Disabilites

Communication difficulties for individuals with intellectual disabilities can manifest as challenges in expressing thoughts, understanding complex language, and effectively engaging in social interactions.


providing specialized interventions to improve communication skills, such as enhancing speech clarity, promoting language development, and supporting social communication abilities.

Mental Health

empowering individuals to improve their communication skills, fostering self-expression, boosting confidence, and enhancing overall well-being.

Speech Therapy Telehealth

Does It Work?

The use of video meetings and conferencing has transformed our lives and professional engagements, providing essential connectivity during global pandemics and lockdowns. In the field of speech pathology, virtual interactions between clinicians and clients are equally engaging, allowing participants to make significant progress towards therapy goals. Online, or telehealth speech therapy, offers wide-ranging advantages, including access to remote areas, time-saving convenience, and a diverse selection of therapists without geographic limitations.

So to answer the question…We believe it does! (check out our blog article which details 5 reasons why you should consider telehealth for your Speech Pathology)

Blue Fox Health Registered NDIS Provider

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