NDIS to CrossFit
NDIS to Crossfit

NDIS to Crossfit

NDIS to Crossfit

Our greatest glory is not falling but rising every time we fall. -Confucius

The NDIS to CrossFit program is the unique program available to you as an NDIS participant looking to jump-start your fitness journey. You can even start from the comfort of the home entirely for free, and as your confidence grows, transition to your local box.

Qualified coaches and trainers monitor each stage of the program, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. 

Give it a shot, and enjoy the results!

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How does it work?

Its An Easy 3 Step Process!

Step 1

Make a commitment to change!

Step 2

Sign up to our email list

Step 3

Try a CrossFit class

Got Questions?

Here are some common ones

Yes! If you feel ready you can dive straight into live classes. The program is self paced. 

Your welcome to do as many workouts from home as you like via our video instruction free of charge. When you feel ready and would like to engage in person sessions are priced at $59.80 under item number 12_029_0126_3_3.

The program can last for as long as you like or as short as you like. When you feel ready your welcome to end the program and join as a member of your CrossFit box. 

CrossFit is designed so every level of ability is catered for. We have previously worked with participants living with a mental illness through to those missing limbs. We will personalize the program for you. 

Still have questions?

If unsure, you can access a free telehealth consultation by calling Roger on 0439 072 115.

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