NDIS Dietitian

NDIS Dietitian

NDIS Dietitian

What is an ndis dietitian?

Put simply, an NDIS dietitian is a dietitian who gets the NDIS 🙂

A dietitian is a nutrition expert who has completed a university qualification and has registration with dietetics Australia as an accredited practicing dietitian (APD). Dietitians who serve the NDIS are typically providers familiar with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. They understand service agreements, management types and how to construct reports which may be required for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Nutritional Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs!

  1. Flexible Service Delivery Models: Blue Fox Health understands that accessibility and convenience are paramount. That’s why they offer both in-person home visits and telehealth consultations across the country. This flexibility ensures that clients can receive expert dietitian services in a way that suits their preferences and circumstances.

  2. Experienced and Qualified Dietitians: The team at Blue Fox Health consists of highly experienced and qualified dietitians who are passionate about helping clients achieve their nutritional goals. Their expertise spans a wide range of dietary needs, including weight management, medical conditions, sports nutrition, and more.

  3. Tailored Meal Plans: Blue Fox Health’s dietitians excel in crafting personalized meal plans that cater to individual dietary requirements and health objectives. Whether it’s managing a medical condition, achieving weight loss or gain, or optimizing athletic performance, the meal plans are customized to maximize results.

  4. Evidence-Based Approach: The dietitian services at Blue Fox Health are grounded in evidence-based practices. Clients can trust that the nutritional advice and recommendations provided are backed by the latest research and clinical experience, ensuring their effectiveness.

  5. Comprehensive Nutritional Advice: Beyond meal planning, Blue Fox Health’s dietitians provide comprehensive nutritional advice. This includes guidance on portion control, food choices, nutrient balance, and strategies for sustainable dietary changes.

  6. Regular Follow-Ups: Blue Fox Health emphasizes regular follow-up sessions to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to dietary plans. This dynamic approach ensures that clients stay on track and continue to move toward their nutritional goals.

  7. Client-Centered Approach: Every individual’s dietary needs are unique. Blue Fox Health’s dietitians take the time to understand each client’s specific goals, preferences, and challenges, ensuring that the guidance provided is tailored to their individual circumstances.

  8. Holistic Wellness: Blue Fox Health’s approach to dietetics extends beyond just meal planning. Their dietitians emphasize holistic wellness, considering factors such as lifestyle, habits, and emotional well-being to create a comprehensive approach to health.

Holistic Health

Why Blue Fox Health?

Blue Fox Health is a reputable name in the field of dietetics, offering exceptional services that cater to diverse nutritional needs. Specializing in both in-person home visits and convenient telehealth consultations across the country, Blue Fox Health brings the expertise of highly experienced dietitians right to the doorstep of clients. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of nutrition and its impact on well-being, their skilled staff excels in crafting personalized meal plans and providing tailored nutritional advice. Whether it’s managing specific dietary requirements, achieving weight management goals, or promoting overall health, Blue Fox Health’s commitment to delivering effective and individualized dietary solutions makes them a trusted choice for anyone seeking expert guidance on their nutritional journey.

We Feel Change Starts From Home

Need Nutritional Advice But Feeling Like You Don’t Know Where To Start!!!

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Not located in one of our service areas?

Learn more about Telehealth!

How does it work?

Its An Easy 2 Step Process!

Step 1

Fill out the referral form to register interest.
(or give Roger a phone call – 0439072115).

Step 2

We call you within 24 hours to go over the
service agreement and initial appointment.

Got Questions?

Here are some common ones

You can see a dietitian when you have goals to improve your health, wellbeing, independence and daily life. NDIS Funding falls under the Improved Daily Living Skills or Improved Health and Wellbeing categories.
Not only are our rates below that of the NDIS price guide, but utilising telehealth allows us to remove the travel costs applied to therapeutic supports. The result …. Your plan stretches further.
We encourage you to bring your support network to your appointment if you feel this is necessary.
Please bring a list of your current medications, food likes/dislikes and any family support to your appointment.

Still have questions?

If unsure, you can access a free telehealth consultation by calling Roger on 0439 072 115.

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