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Improve your health and well-being?

Our Dietitian, Laura can provide personalized care to meet your unique needs and goal. Laura specializes in the NDIS and as a registered NDIS provider Blue Fox Health can accommodate you irrespective of your management choice.

Use the button below to book to make a referral, and we will be in touch to discuss your situation and outline our polices and fees. 

Registered NDIS Provider

Who can we help?

Blue Fox Health I dedicated to providing comprehensive support to all participant of the NDIS. Our Brisbane based dietitian can visit anyone located within a 30min radius and if you are located anywhere in greater Brisbane, we will assess your situation on a case by case basis. We can also assist anyone located in Australia via our telehealth service.

NDIA Managed Participants

Someone who has their funding managed directly by the NDIA. If this is you we will send all invoices directly to the Agency.

Plan Managed Participants

Someone who has their funding managed by a plan manager. If this is you, we will request your plan manager detail in the referral process. We then send all invoices to your plan manger, and they take care of the paper work.

Self-Managed Participants

If this is you, we will send you an invoice for your service at the completion of your first appointment. Invoices will be sent directly to your nominated email.


If your not on the NDIS we can still support your nutritional goals. Like self managed, we will send you an invoice at the conclusion of the session.

We Feel Change Starts From Home

Need Nutritional Advice But Feeling Like You Don’t Know Where To Start!!!

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How can a dietitian support you?

Meal Plan

Custom Meal Plan

A meal plan that is customized to an individual’s unique needs and goals is more likely to produce positive results than a one-size-fits-all approach. By tailoring the meal plan to the person’s specific requirements and preferences, it can be easier for them to stick to it and achieve their desired outcomes. Additionally, a customized meal plan can provide greater flexibility and variety, which can help prevent boredom and maintain motivation over the long term.

Supplements Advice

A dietitian can provide supplement advice by assessing an individual’s nutritional status, dietary intake, and health goals to determine if supplements are necessary. They can recommend specific supplements that are safe and effective for the individual’s needs, while also taking into account any potential interactions with medications or medical conditions. A dietitian can also provide guidance on proper dosages and timing of supplements, as well as monitoring for any adverse effects.

Nutrition Education

A dietitian provides nutritional advice by evaluating an individual’s dietary habits, medical history, lifestyle, and health goals. Based on this assessment, they can develop a personalized nutrition plan that meets the individual’s unique needs and preferences. The dietitian can also provide education and support to help the individual make informed choices about food and optimize their nutritional intake.

Our Dietitian prices are aligned with those of the NDIS Price Arrangements. As such our rate is $193.99 p/h of services.

  • Initial consult (1 hour) – is $193.99
  • Follow up Consult (30 mins)  – $96.99
  • Custom Meal Plan – $370 (this requires 2 hours of time but we apply a discount)
Travel is billed at $193.99 per hour for travel time* we apply a travel cap of 60 mins (30 min each direction) this means irrespective of if it takes 1 hour or 2 hour you will only be billed for 60 mins total. Travel kms – 92c per km of travel to and from location * Travel can add up we always recommend telehealth services to get the most value from your NDIS funding. Telehealth has been shown to be comparable in quality to in person, according to Dietetics Australia.

How does it work?

Its An Easy 2 Step Process!

Step 1

Fill out the referral form to register interest.
(or give Roger a phone call – 0439072115).

Step 2

We call you within 24 hours to go over the
service agreement and initial appointment.

Learn more about Telehealth!

Got Questions?

Here are some common ones

You can see a dietitian when you have goals to improve your health, wellbeing, independence and daily life. NDIS Funding falls under the Improved Daily Living Skills or Improved Health and Wellbeing categories.
Not only are our rates below that of the NDIS price guide, but utilising telehealth allows us to remove the travel costs applied to therapeutic supports. The result …. Your plan stretches further.
We encourage you to bring your support network to your appointment if you feel this is necessary.
Please bring a list of your current medications, food likes/dislikes and any family support to your appointment.

Still have questions?

If unsure, you can access a free telehealth consultation by clicking here or call Roger on 0439 072 115.

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